20+ Fall Home Maintenance Items To Do Before the First Frost

Dated: September 19 2022

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20+ Fall Home Maintenance Items To Do Before the First Frost

As the summer is officially winding down, the fall season will begin this week on 9/21, it’s time to start preparing your home for the seasonal changes ahead. Although we aren’t quite into the winterlike temperatures yet, it is important we don’t neglect several specific items both in and outside your home.

Gutter cleaning, fertilizing, and chimney sweeping are 3 well-known tasks most homeowners are already actively completing each autumn, but there are several more items that tend to fly under-the-radar, especially for newer homeowners.

These two checklists, Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: 8 Things To Tackle Before the First Frost (realtor.com), and Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: 20 Things to Do Every Year (familyhandyman.com), caught my eye as the most simple and comprehensive lists to follow. 

Moreover, they provide us a great reason to reach out to our Russell Real estate home sellers and homebuyers to share these helpful tips! 

-TJ Carolin

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