Tips To Sell Fast And Sell HIGH

Dated: 06/21/2018

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It still remains a seller’s market in our area with many homes sold in blink of an eye!  What's the secret for those homes that sell so fast?  What makes other homes lag on the market longer?  You'll be surprised to know that it's not always defects, its perception!  What can you do to give our home the same edge?

Price matters - You price is set by YOU, not me.  Now is not the time to price high with intentions to lower later.  Price with the market to get people in the door and bring on multiple offers.  The more eyes that see it, the more assured you’ll get the highest market price—make the best impression!


Polish and Decorate - it's your home - yes, but those that walk in the door need to view it as THEIR home.  Personal items, photos, taxidermy, art displays, mementos  or dramatic colors make distractions.  My rule is to remove generally 50% of what you normally have out on display.  Never have valuable items, guns, weapons or coins on display.  Neutral decorating and colors on the walls are always simple fixes that add great value.   Make it look like it's ready to go in a magazine - less is always more! 


Tidy the storage spaces - When clients are touring your home, they expect storage areas and garages to look like storage space.  It's fine to store your moving boxes and extra furniture in these spaces.  Keeping it organized and tidy sends the message that you care enough to leave in an orderly and respectful manner.


Keep it clean - wash the windows, wipe the sinks, empty the  shower area, keep personal care items such as toiletries away from sight.  Clean the fridge too - I promise - they will look!!


Yard appeal - the front door is the easiest first impression to clean and put something on display.  Fresh mulch, removing weeds, keeping up with lawns and gardens will give your home extra polish.   Planters are beautiful accents - that you can take with you when you leave too!  Don’t remove bushes/thin planting areas after your home has been on the market.  Re-plant that sentimental item into a pot temporarily or plan on buying a new one for your next home.


Ask for a friend's opinion - know someone who is a neat freak?  Have them give you a once though opinion of first impression before you open your doors on the MLS.  Don't be hurt, chances are they'll pitch in to help!  If its too much work for you?  Now’s the time to consider a professional cleaner.


With attention to detail and a little elbow grease, your home will be the best on the market!   Best of luck in preparing and selling your home! 

As always - my help is just a call or email away!

Maria Grimm SRS, E-pro, LRS

Russell Real Estate Services - Hudson, Ohio

cell - 330-573-7818


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